Wordpress Tutorial; Make a New Post

seegatesite.comWhen you are a beginner of WordPress users and you want to create your new post, you might get confused on some points. Since this is considered as the basic setting of a post, you will find many guides about it in any WordPress tutorial. Actually, to make a new post is not a difficult thing to do. You can do it in an easy way and short time, but if you think that you need a help from the tutorial, you can get much information from the tutorial. When you still do not really understand about the setting to create a new post, please read the following paragraphs for more information.

WordPress Tutorial to Create a New Post

When you already find basic WordPress tutorial, usually you will also find the tutorial to make your new post in your blog. Actually, to make a new post is not a difficult thing. However, you still need to consider some important things related to the contents. For example, when you want to post the articles, it would be good if you already prepare the document of the articles, then, you only have to copy and paste the contents into the field where you can create your new post.

Same with the other setting, you can create your new post from the dashboard. Then, when you already find the menu and click the menu, you will find the blank page which has a function as the place to write the contents. So, when you already prepare your contents in your document, it will make you easier since you only have to copy the content from a document and paste it in that blank page in your setting menu. Then, you also can make some editing that almost the same with the editing in Word, in which you can edit the Bold, Italic, or Underline and the other basic documents editing. That is all WordPress tutorial about making a new post.

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