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iphone giveawayHey, you are waiting for your iPhone come to you now? Well, lately iPhone has released the new product of Smartphone called iPhone 7. You must be amazed at this one because you know if this technology comes with new features that will make you spoiled. The new series of iPhone has come, it is iPhone 7. It is actually divided into two kinds, as usual, they are iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Here you can get the chance to have it freely because you can join iPhone giveaway. Yes, in the next explanation you will be given a link to join the giveaway winning iPhone 7.

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It is everyone’s wish to have iPhone. You know right for the price of iPhone is not that affordable. You need to have enough money if you want to get this Smartphone, but now don’t worry. The iPhone giveaway will surely help you find the opportunity having it in your hand. Well before you know how to win the giveaway, you need to know the specification of this iPhone 7. This iPhone 7 actually has several color choices, they are rose, golden, black, and also silver. Now it has many variations of colors. The next is the resolution of the screen. It is 1334x 750 pixels on 326 ppi.

After that for the chip of this iPhone 7 is A10 fusion chip with the architecture of 64 but.  The compressor installed is M10. For the camera, of course, it has a high resolution of 12 Mega pixels. For the face time camera, it is 7 megapixels so that it will be great enough. Now if you want to get this iPhone 7 you can go to this link iPhone giveaway. You will get the chance of winning that iPhone so be sure you join that.