What Causes An Earthquake?

what causes earthquakesThere are many people who are still unaware about what causes an earthquake. Earthquakes are mostly caused by the shifting of tectonic plates and the movement of tectonic mantles. However, they can also because of other events such as volcanic eruption. Asian countries such as Japan and Indonesia are at risk of earthquakes and tsunami attacks. It is highly advised to train the people for unexpected earthquake attacks. Earthquake can also cause another disastrous event such as a tsunami or massive landslides. If the earthquake center is located below the sea, it can cause a deadly tsunami. Therefore, it is highly recommended to evacuate the people on the beach after an earthquake attacks. The people who are living on the beach are at high risk of being struck by the deadly wave of a tsunami. Countries like Japan are actively fighting tsunami and prevent it from destroying the beach by reinforcing the beaches.

What Causes An Earthquake In Asia?

Many people are also wondering about what causes an earthquake in Asia. Earthquakes in Asia are usually caused by tectonic plate movement and shifting. Some earthquakes are also caused by massive volcano eruptions. Earthquakes can also happen if the tectonic mantles on the earth’s crusts move past each other. The friction can cause deadly shock and shakes the upper lands. The earthquake can cause massive damage and destroy a lot of tall buildings. If you are trapped in an earthquake, run for safety. Avoid tall building and objects because they can fall down by the earthquakes.

Make sure that you evacuate yourself and your family and stay away from a beach after an earthquake. People in modern countries are actively preparing themselves for dangerous disasters such as tornado, earthquakes, and tsunami. Hopefully, this article can provide some explanation about what causes an earthquake.

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