Ways To Use Aloe Vera on gel

Aloe Vera was a multipurpose plant. You can use the gel into treat many things such as skin, hair, and other medical conditions. Today we will give you our tips to use Aloe Vera on gel to treat medical conditions.

Treating Medical Conditions With Aloe Vera

  1. Treat constipation

Aloe Vera was great to treat alleviate constipation. You need to drink aloe juice. The juice has great laxative benefit to your body. How to make aloe juice? You need to mix 2 tsp of pure Aloe Vera on gel with 2 glass of water of your favorite juice. You can drink aloe juice twice a day.

  1. Treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

For your information, aloe Vera can also treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). There is a recent research that shows the patient feel relief after drinking aloe juice every day. Aloe Vera contains laxative properties. However, there is a limit to consume aloe Vera daily. So, you can’t consume aloe Vera juice multiple times in a day. The maximum number is twice a day.

  1. Lower blood sugar

For someone who suffers from diabetes, you can lower your blood sugar level by consuming aloe juice. But you need to talk to your doctor first if you want to consume aloe juice. However, the common safe consumption of aloe juice is once a day. You can make your own aloe juice by mixing one tsp of pure Aloe Vera on gel with water or juice. There is a medicine which can lower your blood sugar level, if you already take them, you can’t drink this juice.

  1. Treat asthma symptoms

For someone who has asthma, you can boil water and mix Aloe Vera on gel to treat your asthma symptoms. What to do with the boiling water? After you mix boil water with Aloe Vera on gel, you need to stand to close the boiling aloe water. Soon you can breathe normally.