Ways to Save Food in Refrigerator

Have you ever thought that certain food cannot really stay in refrigerator for song long? When you love to use your refrigerator so much and you have a habit to put every food into your refrigerator, it is a nice idea to learn about how long is better for you to save particular food in your refrigerator. Now, let’s find out the answer as follow!

How Long a Food Can Be Saved in Refrigerator?

  • Eggs with eggshell

If you like to save eggs in the refrigerator, it is better for you to save it about four until five weeks only for a refrigerator with two up to eight degree Celsius. Don’t forget that you cannot store eggs in freezer.

  • Egg yolk and white egg that has already broken

If you have broken the eggshell of the egg, you can save it in your refrigerator for about two until four days before you use it. In case you want to store it in the freezer, it is possible to save it for one year.

  • Cooked eggs

For cooked eggs, you can only save it for one week in the refrigerator and then you should not save it in freezer.

  • Sausage

For sausage, it is better for you to only keep this food for one to two days in the refrigerator. However, if you save it in the freezer, you can save it for one until two months.

  • Meat

In case for meat that is still fresh, you can save it in refrigerator for one to two days. For longer time, put it in the freezer since it will stay longer for three until four months.

Those are some information about the good duration for saving particular food in your refrigerator or freezer. This is the one that is recommended by Food and Drug Administration, so you must concern more about this one if you want to make sure that food that you eat will make you healthy, not otherwise.