Waigeo; Bird Paradise Of Papua

Are you looking for any tourism place that will give you pure nature scenery? If you are looking for that kind of destination, Waigeo Island of West Papua is the right destination for you. This place will offer you many interesting points of Papua that you will never regret. This great and pure place should be your choice for the next destination of your next holiday.

West Papua; Waigeo Island For Bird Watching

Waigeo Island is one of the best tourism destinations in West Papua province. This place has the high point of interest that will make many people feel comfortable when they come to this place. When you might have a hobby to go to beaches, you have to come to Waigeo and see the beaches there. Like the other beaches in Papua, the beaches there are still very pure and you will regret it when you do not visit this place when you come to Papua. Once you come to this place, you can feel the natural breeze that will make you relax and forget all the problems that you have in your real life. This place is a very recommended place to visit in your holiday.

Besides exploring the beaches and the sceneries around there, you also can have a unique experience in this place. In one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat archipelago, you can experience the bird watching activities there. It becomes the bird-of-paradise tourism site since in this place you can see many beautiful birds in their natural habitat. You will love to stay in this place for a while and spending your holiday there. For your information, this place is not the only one of Papua, but still gives you a high-quality place to visit. You can find more information about tourism in Papua from westpapua.co.

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