Treatment for Dust Mite Bites

The dust mite is one of the bugs that included in the spider family. Does it bite? Yes, dust mite does bite you. The sign of dust mites bite exactly looks like bed bugs bite. There are around 46,000 species of mites in the world, but only a few of them can bite human. There is possibility dust mite bites on legs, hand, or even face. They can bite and the symptoms appeared in that area. So, you have to be more aware of the existence of these bugs in your house.

How to Cure Dust Mite Bites on Legs

There are some ways to treat your skin when dust mite bites on legs. Actually, the treatment can be cured by consuming some medications. For mild dust mite bites, you can take some types of medications. For the first, you can take antihistamines like Claritin or Allegra that will help you to relieve itchily or a runny nose and sneezing. Second, you can also take nasal corticosteroids like Nasonex or Flonase that will reduce some inflammation. Third, there is also decongestants like Afrin or Sudafed that will help to shrink tissue in your nasal passages so it will help you to breathe easily. Last, you can also take a combination of decongestant and antihistamine like Claritin-D or Actifed.

On the other hand, there are also some medications that will help to relieve some symptoms of dust mites bite for people with asthma or allergic. There are leukotriene modifiers like Zyflo, Accolate, Singulair, immunotherapy, and cromolyn sodium that can be taken as treatment. If the symptoms of dust mite bites on legs are getting worst, so you can call your doctor to ask further diagnose. If there are other symptoms after taking the medications, so you can also consult with your doctor as the professional.