Tips To Keep Health in Rainy Season

Health careThe rainy season is a season where sunlight will shine less on the earth, where sunlight can kill a variety of bacteria, but when the rainy season will be very short of sunlight, in addition to the amount of water that pooled around the home page, or even can cause disaster flood. These can cause vulnerability to diseases, such as flu, fever, diarrhea, and flea mites and much more common bugs in the rainy season. To be able to avoid and prevent various kinds of susceptible diseases during the rainy season, we need to eat foods that can meet nutritional needs, but it also needs to have ways to be able to maintain health during the rainy season. Here are the ideas.

Some Tips to Maintain Health in the Rainy Season

Ways that can be used to support health for the rainy season to keep endurance so as not exposed to the disease, among others: many drinking glasses of water. Whitewater is a substance that can detoxify the body naturally cheap and easy to obtain. Water can also make the skin look fresh, and the body is not dehydrated. Also, we also need adequate rest. Where enough time to break is ideally 6 to 8 hours. After that, avoid a variety of viruses that are vulnerable to enter the body with a healthy lifestyle, always begins by always washing hands before eating, after the toilet, and after doing various activities.

Other health tips in the rainy season are to set a healthy lifestyle and consume foods that contain high fiber and avoid eating foods that are less awake cleanliness, but it is also assisted with multivitamin supplements so that the body is always healthy and good immune system. In addition to maintaining a diet, we also need to wear warm clothes. In the rainy season usually, the temperature will be cold, to warm the body, use clothes or a thick and warm jacket.

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