The Adventurous Offline Games For Free

Most of the adventures, battle, and action games need an internet connection. Actually, it is kind of upsetting since you cannot play it anytime. It must be a big trouble if the connection is unstable but you need to finish the mission. Moreover, it will also take your money more for you who use mobile data. The mobile data has a higher price than Wi-Fi if you like to play an online game. However, don’t worry about that. You still find a various genre of games which do not need a Wi-Fi connection. The offline games free are the best one for you who like to play the game more.

The No Wi-Fi Games For Free

Some of the people still think that all of the action or adventure games are paid games and must be played online. In fact, there are also so many games which do not need an internet connection to access and play. What are the most interesting offline games that is free? Here is the best recommendation for you:

  1. Temple Run

Who does not know Temple Run? It was a top 3 games on Play Store and Apps Store which becomes the massive game in every gadget. Actually, the concept of the game is simple. The character needs to run on the track and avoid the monster. However, this game is kind of addicted game which will never let you get bored. Moreover, Temple Run is free and you can play it offline. So far, there are two series which are Temple Run and Temple Run 2.


  1. Badland

If you need more adventure and action game, so you can try to get Badland on your gadget. A player will be the main character to find various traps and obstacles. If you are curious, you can try to find more information from and get another recommendation.