Superfoods You Should Consume

Health careIt is not something new anymore that being healthy is a must in order you can do many things every day. Thus, to keep your body health, it is very important for you to consume many healthy foods as well. Moreover, what are the best food for our body? The answer indeed is superfood. If you haven’t known about this kind of food, here are some kinds of superfood that you can consume every day.

6 Great Superfoods

  1. Green tea

Since a long time ago green tea is known as one of the health secret of people. Inside this tea you will find such a high antioxidant inside that is very good for our body. Here it can be a natural remedy for heart disease and cancer.

  1. Garlic

Besides there is garlic which is known as ages-old secret. For those who does not like this food, now you should consume it since garlic is very good to treat heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

  1. Ginger

Another superfood is ginger that is commonly used to make drink. It is actually the remedy for many healthy problems. For instance, are unwanted inflammation up to upset stomach. That is why providing ginger at home becomes a good idea actually.

  1. Greek yogurt

As we know that yogurt is very good for the digestion especially Greek yogurt. By consuming this kind of food every day of course there are many great things which can be got by all people then.

  1. Eggs

For the next superfood is eggs having a high protein inside. A great source of omega 3 fatty acids here is very good for our health too. That is why kids are recommended to consume eggs since it is good for their growth.

  1. Salmon

Do not forget salmon. This fish has omega 3 fatty acids and protein that will be good to reduce the risk of many diseases especially cardiovascular disease.

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