Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Having a dry, sensitive, and tight skin on your face is really annoying. It feels dried out, flaky, sore, red, itchy, and uncomfortable. The winter will be your enemy since your skin condition becomes worse. There’s no need to worry, you can be taking care of your dry skin with our best methods below.

Best Skincare Methods For Dry Skin

The methods are super easy and you don’t have to buy expensive products. Here are the methods.

  • Face Wash

In the morning, you need to give your dry skin a quick splash of cold water. This will make you awake and fresh. After that, use gentle moisturizing face wash. Make sure the product is for dry skin type. It’s better if you choose a natural one. If the product contains harsh chemicals, it will make your skin dry even more. Follow the instruction on the label and make sure you also massage your skin while washing your face.


  • Toner

After that, you apply toner to help the pH levels on your skin become more balance. Again, choose the product that specializes in dry skin type. Otherwise, your skin will be dried out. You can opt for rose water as a natural toner.


  • Moisturizer

Moisturizer is super-duper important for dry skin. This product will hydrate your skin so you don’t have dry patches. You can apply a thin layer of moisturizer. Massage your face in circular motions.


  • Day cream

The next product is day cream. This cream will protect your skin especially if the product contains SPF. You need to choose a moisturizing cream that can keep your skin hydrated and protected during the day.


  • Mineral foundation

If you want to wear foundation, make sure you apply a mineral foundation that suitable for dry skin. Apply it just a little bit.

These five tips from us can keep your dry skin hydrated throughout the day.