Prawns Poles As Best Indonesia Shrimp

The marine fish farmers, especially shrimp twenty is no longer alien to the prawns, this prawn is one of the types of shrimp that is currently being cultivated by most people on the coast. This pole shrimp will be a lot of we find the oceanic ocean, because of the region that this type of shrimp breed. Prawns are one of excellent Indonesia shrimp exporters and their presence is highly sought after and awaited by most of the world community. The following explanation is a detailed description of giant prawns. Make sure to read all the articles until the end to get fully understandable explanation. So, let’s begin.

The Nature Of Giant Prawns As The Best And Best Indonesian Shrimp

Gang prawns are also known as freshwater shrimp or as one of Indonesia shrimp exporters. Where giant prawns are favored by Asian markets because they contain saturated fatty acids that are not very high impact from living in fresh water. Giant prawns that have the Latin name macrobrachium Rosenberg have the largest size when compared with various types of other shrimp such as tiger shrimp and vannamei shrimp. In addition to having a larger size, this shrimp also has the highest economic value when compared with others.

Pole shrimp that have a high economic value or have a high selling price of this giant prawns the as ordinary shrimp or cheap shrimp, this is less in line with the reality that occurred, the prawns is one shrimp commodity shrimp Indonesia the best exporter which has been exported to various regions of the country such as Japan, Europe, united states and European regions. That is some important information about one of the best types of shrimp that a from Indonesia. Hopefully, this article can add insight and benefit to the readers. Do not forget to visit the site of Indonesia Shrimp Exporters here.