Oily Fish, Recommended Healthy Seafood

Generally, there is two kind of fishes, sea fish, and freshwater fish. There are also many kinds of fish, separated by the nutrition inside them, their features, and biological body. Oily fish, is one kind of fish, mostly sea fish, that is features by the oily, and juicy meat of their body. Oily fish have very fat meat inside them, juicy, and if you cook them, you can clearly see the oil inside their body. This makes oily fish taste very great since the oil inside their body is really tasty, and gives you special distinct taste.

Even though you see a lot of fats and oil inside oily fish, you don’t need to worry about health problems caused by this fat. Instead, this kind of fats from oily fish is actually very healthy, and there are many recommendations from doctor to consume this kind of fat from oily fish at least two times a week. Not only because it is delicious, but most importantly because of the amazing health benefits and nutrition inside this juicy and fatty fish meat.

What Are the Health Benefits of Oily Fish?

Did you know, that Eskimo tribes mostly eat oily fish like Salmon or Cod during their lifetime? although they only consume fish meat from these oily fish, and hardly ever eat vegetables like spinach, lettuce and etc. Their body can be very strong, tough enough to withstand the harsh cold of the north, with only oily fish in their diets. The key is the fatty oil of Salmon and Cod they eat.

It is also very rare for Eskimo tribes to have obesity problems, cardiac diseases like heart attack and stroke, and many more. All thanks to oily fish they eat. A scientist has discovered that oily fish have a very good effect on preventing cardiac diseases such as stroke and heart attack. If you want to prevent this kind of diseases, try to at least eat oily fish once in month or week.

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