Knowing Black Skirt Tetra Fish

Black Skirt TetraBlack Skirt Tetra is well-known among aquascape fish lovers. This fish is a type of freshwater fish that is easily maintained. It is already widely available in stores. You can find them in a store nearby your home. You may have them as a hobby only for eliminating your stress for example after you get home from work, or you can have them as a business possibility if you intend to. Perhaps it can collaborate as hobby and business so that you cannot get burden because that is what you like to do and make it profitable. However, there is some information you need to know about.

Some Information about Black Skirt Tetra Need To Know

This fish has a color on the entire top of his body is black, while the other half is white. The dorsal fin, anal, adipose is black, while the pectoral, belly, and tail fin are clearly white. So this collaboration of color will look so adorable to see. The Black Skirt Tetra can reach 7.5 cm in the growth, with the genital maturity started since 3.75 cm of the size. This fish is resistant to life in the warm range temperature and at low temperature, they are usually easy to be infected by white spot disease. They also are productive fish which are easy to breed. So if you intend to have a business, it is agreeable if you choose them for the quantity.

That is all information about Black Skirt Tetra you need well. It is very important to know for several intentions to be applied. By knowing them, hopefully, will be useful for the further treatment of the fish. For example, if you know about what disease that can infect the fish you can prevent them so that the maintenance will not be so difficult to do. Therefore, all you need is to learn more again if you want to take it seriously as the matter of business if not, you just have them as your pet fish to make your home more comfortable.