An Interesting Blood Type Diet

What do you think about diet? Some of the people may take a risk for their lives to get “better shape”. They will not take too many foods and avoid to eat certain foods that will make their health is getting worse. In fact, diet does not mean you did not take anything for your body. The right diet is which based on your need. It means that you can take as much as you can as long as all of them are what you need for every day. One of easy and popular diet is blood type diet.

What Is Blood Type Diet?

Blood type diet is a diet which is based on your genetics. You will have different diet rules with different people. It takes more efficient since every type of blood will have different reactions to certain food. In that situation, there will be a different supply of diet for different blood type.

The Best Blood Type Diet

Are you interested to do this blood type diet? Here is the best diet plan based on your blood type:

  • A Blood Type

If you are A blood type, so you have to take this rule. You need to take vegetarian diet which has to avoid meat. Then, you can also take vegetables, coconut oil, olive oil, organic foods, herbal teas, and Vitamin A and E in the most.


  • B Blood Type

You can get similar Paelo diet if you are B. You can eat meat, vegetables, and fruits. However, you need to avoid lentils, corn, and peanuts.


  • AB Blood Type

For AB, you can take everything that is recommended for A and B. However, you have to avoid red meat, beans, corn, alcohol, and also vinegar.


  • O Blood Type

O blood type has to take low carbohydrate and sugar food. You can take it from fruits and animal source.