How To Cook Milkfish

While you are having the fish in your home, what kind of dish that you usually cook? Are you fried it or what? Well, there are many ways you can take if you want to try the delicious food like what you like. As if you can have many ways to cook the Indonesia Milkfish and get the delicious dish with them.

Broil It

If you like the broiled food, you also can broil the Indonesia Milkfish in the right way. All you can do is just preparing what you need to cook it. If you are usually broiled the food directly placing the fish in the broiler pan, this time, you can use the banana leaf to cover it before broil it.

You should know that the banana leaf can make the dish taste different and get more delicious with it than you just broil it in an ordinary way. First, you should clean up the fish first, chop into pieces or if you want to cook a whole fish one, make sure you clean it up first. Then, add some seasonings and ingredients like salt, pepper, garlic, onion, tomato, ginger, and more seasonings to get a strong taste. Cover it with the banana leaf, and you can broil it until it cooks perfectly and you can serve it well.

Fry It

Another way to cook this fish is frying it up. Well, before frying it, you should add some seasonings to make it has a more delicious taste. You can add the salt, garlic powder, and pepper and let sit it until for about 15 minutes and you can fry it up.

There are many more ways to cook this fish and you just have to find out the recipe for it. If you want to buy this Milkfish, you can buy it on our website and let’s cooking this dish for your family.