How To Avoid Cancer?

Health tipsCancer is considered to be the most dangerous disease in this world. There are already countless of death victims caused by cancer. Cancer is caused by the growth of cancer cells inside the human body. The worst thing about cancer is, that there are no effective cures for this disease. Even with series of therapy like chemotherapy, there is no sure chance that we can cure cancer. Scientist currently researching and developing cancer cure, but they are still searching for the best cancer cure. What causes cancer? Every human had cancer cells inside their body, but the cancer cells will remain dormant and inactive, unless if we do or consume some things that can promote the growth of cancer cells. There are many things that can promote growth to cancer cells. Even simple foods can promote growth for cancer cells.

What Are Things That Can Cause Cancer And How To Prevent Cancer?

The worst part of cancer is, that in the early stage, there is no sign of cancer. It is pretty hard to know if we had cancer or not. But, when the later stage the signs already showing and it is already too late to react. In order to prevent getting cancer, we will need to know what causes it. The natural reason of cancer is DNA. You will inherit DNA from your parents, so if your parents have a sign of cancer, there will be a chance that you will also inherit cancer cells from your parents. The external cause is foods and habits. Foods that can cause cancer is frozen foods like a nugget, overcooked meat, canned foods and much more. Habits that can cause cancer are smoking and drinking liquor.

In order to prevent cancer, we will need to carefully pick what we eat. We need to eat balanced and healthy foods. We also need to exercise well. Exercise is the key to live healthily. Also, avoid smoking and lower your alcohol consumption. You don’t want to get cancer, so we need to prevent cancer before it is too late.