Home Remedy For Stretch Marks Treatments

stretch marks treatmentsThe ugly stretch marks can be haunting us like a nightmare! All of the human beings are prone to stretch marks, they happen to anyone, even though women are more likely to get than men. Stretch marks are in the shade of purple or reddish when they first show up. An increase of cortisone and skin stretching are resulting in stretch marks. Pulsed dye laser therapy, tretinoin creams, and microdermabrasion have been used as the solution for stretch marks but they seem not to disappear completely. If you are trying to find natural stretch marks treatments, you are on the correct page. Keep on reading.

Stretch Marks Treatments, Get Rid Of Your Stretch Marks Now

Stretch marks commonly happen during pregnancy, but teenagers can also get them due to rapid weight loss or gain. If you have stretch marks on your skin such as belly, breasts, buttocks, upper arms, and hips, you may need the solutions for them. Below are the natural stretch marks treatments you can do at home.

  • Take multivitamin supplement

The essential mineral and vitamins can provide you with more benefits you could never expect, they allow the healing time of stretch marks quickly. Also, make sure your body is enough of zinc.

  • Chlorella

Chlorella has a growth factor which also known as Chlorella Growth Factor (GCF). GCF will help you to reduce the ugly stretch marks because it facilities and stimulates tissue repair. It does a great job to treat damage that even can’t be healed with traditional methods.

  • High Zinc Foods

Zinc will stretch and smoothen your skin. Consume more foods source of zinc; oysters sea, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanut, and wheat germ. Also, you need to exfoliate regularly to reconstruct the skin cells.

Hope your ugly stretch marks will go away from your skin after you do the natural stretch marks treatments. Have a great day!

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