Get Healthy with Coffee

Health lifeCoffee, either Arabica or Robusta, is one of the natural sources of antioxidants and other useful advantages substances that our body needs. So, coffee has so many advantages for our health, indeed. It is not true at all that some people think that consuming is not good for our health. As long as it is processed in a right way, coffee will not lose its benefits. There are so many studies concerning on coffee. Some of them have proved that people who regularly consume coffee in a certain quantity (not too much) are less vulnerable to some diseases rather than other people who don’t.

Lower Your Risk from Suffering These Diseases by Consuming Coffee

The caffeine contained in a cup of coffee is able to increase blood pressure. It is actually true, but the effect is not that much, only 3 to 4mm/Hg and this effect usually will lose when you drink coffee regularly. Another, some studies also denied the assumption saying that coffee can increase the risk of liver disease. In contrast, the evidence found that women consuming coffee regularly have less risk of suffering liver disease. Some studies also claimed that coffee consumers have less chance of suffering stroke for about 20 percent.

As the fact revealed that coffee consumers have a lower risk of suffering some diseases, it sounds make sense that coffee can increase life expectancy since people who consume coffee are more resistant to those diseases than the others who don’t. Some research has shown that people who regularly consume coffee have a lower risk of death than the others who don’t. In other two big researches, the activity of consuming coffee is associated with the decrease of the risk of death as much as 20 percent on men, and 26 percent of women, taken from the respondents ranged from 18 to 24 years old. Well, coffee is a good beverage for you.