General Duties Of Nurses Assistants

Nurse assistant is different from nurse aide. There will be some different jobs and position. Of course, a nurse assistant has higher position since they are certified. If you are interested to join as a nurse assistant, so you can start your training in the certain training center. Make sure that you will join in the accredited nurse training center. Mostly, the training process for nurse assistant needs six to nine months long. Then, there will be a competency test as the final result. So, what are the nurses assistant jobs?

What Are Nurses Assistant Jobs?

You might question on what are actually nurse assistant do? Why are they different from nurse aide? Before deciding to join as a certified nurse assistant, you have to know essential nurses assistant jobs first so there will be no misleading job. For the first, a nurse assistant will help patients to get their basic needs like bathing, eating, and even dressing. Nurse assistants have to do this job since most of the patient who needs nurse assistants are elderly resident, stroke victims, surgeries patient, or one recovering from a certain accident. Then, a nurse assistant also will take responsibility to take vital signs of patient. There will be routine tasks such as checking the blood pressure and temperature.

Moreover, there are also some basic needs that have to be done by a nurse assistant for the patient. They are keeping the room clean, serving meals, and also making beds. As mentioned before, mostly patient is who with difficulties so they cannot move in their own way. By helping these needs, it will also help patients to get easy time during illness time. After that, a nurse assistant also has to set up the medical equipment for patients and assist them. So, you can visit after getting certified as CNA.

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