Fresh Black Tiger Shrimp Suppliers

When talking about tasty crustacean, then you will think of lobster, and prawn, right? well, prawn is the cheaper options than lobster, and it is also widely popular and loved. There are many kinds of prawns, from white legged prawn, small freshwater prawn, and popular tiger shrimp. If you are looking for black tiger shrimp suppliers, then you have come to the perfect place. First of all, what is black tiger shrimp? Black tiger shrimp are sea crustacean, widely cultivated and harvested in Asian countries, especially south-east Asia countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This crustacean had pretty big body compared to another small crustacean, yet it is smaller than lobsters. The tiger shrimp have huge market value, and it is also had a very high price. Despite the high price, the demand of giant tiger shrimp is very huge, and to answer that demand, there are now many tiger shrimp suppliers all around the world. If you are looking for the best, then here it is.

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