The Excellences Of Vannamei Shrimp

Vannamei shrimp known as King Prawn and Pacific white shrimp is a type of shrimp that is caught or cultivated for consumption needs. Vannamei shrimp-derived from species Litopenaeus vannamei is a variety or type of seawater prawns are relatively easy to cultivate. Shrimp farming is quite prospective because the vannamei shrimp price is very profitable. Consumers of this shrimp are also very much so that the market is very wide open even can penetrate the export market to European countries and Japan. Vannamei shrimp is commonly cultivated in shrimp ponds of saltwater or seawater on the beach. Then, how profitable is this vannamei shrimp business?

Why Vannamei Shrimp Is Superior

In recent years, vannamei shrimp has become a favorite in the market. This is indicated by the increasing demand for this type of shrimp. No wonder if the vannamei shrimp price is soaring. This type of shrimp farming is very profitable because this type of shrimp has many excellences compared to other shrimp. This shrimp has a short period of rapid growth, so it does not take long to harvest this shrimp. Thus, the profits can be obtained more quickly. In addition, this shrimp is more immune to disease, unlike other types of shrimp, let’s say tiger shrimp. With its strong body immunity, this vannamei shrimp farming does not cost much for treatment, so it can increase profits.

Vannamei shrimp breeding technique that can be done in various ways is a plus in the cultivation because it can be cultivated with traditional cultivation techniques with simple equipment and small capitalize, as well as cultivation with intensive and supra intensive techniques that allow industrial cultivation and of course capital big. With the ease of cultivation techniques in vannamei shrimp allows this species can be cultivated by small-scale farmers and industrial scale farmers. So, to gain profit from the vannamei shrimp price can be done in various ways.