About Electric Plug-in Hybrid Car

electric carWhile you want to buy the new car, you should know well about what you will get from the printer itself. There are many car options you can take one as the best one. Do you want to take the latest car model? If you want to have it, you can consider buying the electric car. Well, as its name, this car is using the electric as its main energy supply which can help you drive this car on the road. Well, if you want to take this car, you should know that this car has three types you can take. You just have to decide what kind of car types which can be suitable for what you need.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car Type

One of the electric car types you can see is plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or PHEV. If you don’t want to use full electric as its main energy supply, you can take this car which uses the petrol as its additional energy supply. You should know that if you take this car, you can able to use the electric and petrol as its energy source. This car also is known as EREVs or Extended-Range Electric Vehicles.

As its name, you are able to get the electric energy by plugging into the charging station and also you can fill up the petrol tank. While the battery is getting low, you can use the regenerative braking to recharge the battery in the best way. Well, regenerative braking is generating the braking system to recharge the battery without plugging into the charging stations and use the petrol for helping it. Thus, if you take this electric car type, you are able to use both energy supplies in driving this car on the road. Well, it is producing less gas emission depending on how long you use the petrol one.