Disturbing Hair Loss

Health tipsNot only experienced by women alone, but also many men who complain about their hair loss. Especially the women, if they find the hair that falls out then they will do everything possible to cure him. Lots of treatment they do although it can spend a lot of money, they still do it for the health of their hair. Before our hair has a very serious problem, then we should immediately check on our hair whether their serious problem or not. By looking at the shape of hair and also the texture of her hair, we must know which hair is healthy and unhealthy. If your hair is healthy, then the color will look black and also shiny. In addition, there is no distraction such as itching or there is dandruff in the hair. Then the hair will always look beautiful and also bushy or not fall off at any time.

Causes Hair Loss

Many people wonder why our hair fall when we always do shampoo using a good shampoo and also regularly use. In addition, we also always take care of our hair to avoid impurities from outside that can interfere with the growth of our hair. This will be answered now. What are the causes of hair loss?

First, the cause of hair loss can be caused by the use of certain drugs, such as people who are sick and always have to take medicine every day, because the effects of these drugs can make your hairless strong. Furthermore, the growth of abnormal hormones and the effects of offspring can also cause your hair to fall out. Then, the use of shampoo is always changing alternately can also cause hair loss due to differences in the shampoo composition. In addition, the loss can occur from an infection of the scalp so that interfere with hair growth.

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