Development of Chaise Lounge Chair

It is estimated that the first blend of chairs and beds comes from Egypt. The earliest known models are made of wooden sticks tied with pieces of umbilical cord or raw leather. Later, the Egyptian bed maker introduced a weaving construction and wooden frame bed lined with ivory or ebony. Ancient Greeks describe gods and goddesses who sit back in this type of chair. The modern Greek word symposium comes from sympinein, which means “to drink together”. The main item of furniture for the symposium is klined, the form of the daybed. The Greeks changed from the normal habit of sitting at the table with the practice of lying on the couch since the 8th century BC. The Romans also used a daybed to lie down during the day and sleep at night. The Romans did not practice the upholstery, so the sofa was made comfortable with cushions, and animal skins. That’s a brief history of chaise lounge chair. Then what about the modern chaise lounge chair.

Modern Chaise Lounge Chair

Chaise lounge chair in ancient times and modern times have the same function, it is to provide comfort the people who wear them and give a more luxurious impression. In essence, the chair is designed to be used to relax and rest at night or during the day. The shape and frame of the chair, between the ancient era and the modern era, are also the same, the difference is from the material to the top as well as the material for making the frame of the chair. The material for making a modern chaise lounge chair is different from the ancient lounge chair.

The materials used to make the most of the modern chaise lounge chair is the fabric of yarn, some are of leather, but only a few. Each part is sewn or united using a thread or iron from its skeleton, no longer using materials derived from living things like the ancient one.