Detox Water, the Refreshing Treasure for a Day

When you are looking for a refreshing thing to drink in a day, maybe you should go with a healthy drink. You might fancy a cup of coffee or tea, but what about something that is rich with a vitamin? Indeed, coffee and tea also have their health benefits. But, if you want to try something new then you can try choosing the detox water for starting your day. This drink is a perfect drink for you as a busy person. In this case, you can get some recipes for having a bottle of this fresh, healthy drink to boost your day.

How to Make Fresh Detox Water

Detox water is actually easy to make. You can get some tutorials in making a good and tasty detox water from YouTube and you can also get some tips there. But, here we are going to give you information about how you make your detox water simply. Actually, you just have to make a drink that is made from water which contains the fruits. The fruits will be infused in a bottle of water for almost a night. This will make the nutrients and vitamins in the fruits to be infused to the water, making the drink fresh and healthy.

The first recipe for you can be simplest one, which contains lime and lemon. The fruits are look alike, but they have a slightly different aroma and taste. You can infuse a sliced lemon and a sliced lime into a bottle of water. Don’t forget to add the mint leaves to add a particular cool sensation. You can leave the drink in your refrigerator for a night. You can also make simple detox water by infusing watermelon cubes into a liter of water with rosemary leaves. These simple drinks will make you feel refreshed and happier in the morning.