Creative Funeral Gift Ideas Instead Of Flowers

healing stages of a tattooNone of us know when our last breath is. When our dearest one takes their last breath, it can be a very devastating event for us. I am pretty sure that one of us have been through that kind of sadden situation. In that case, we won’t miss out our chance to give our dearest one something for the last time to show our deepest condolence. Flowers are the most common thing as the funeral gift all over the world. If you need ideas for funeral gift ideas instead of flowers, keep on reading this article.

Read Below to Choose Best Funeral Gift Ideas instead of Flowers

We all can still make the best out of the devastating situation. For instance, you can put your creativity into a decent stuff for the funeral gift ideas instead of flowers. Here is the list of the example of creative funeral gifts you can do it yourself:

  1. A creative booklet. When your dearest one is gone and left us forever, our mind always goes for them, reminiscing the days when you spent together. If you have a history of the photograph you took with them, you can make a booklet out of it. Print out the photograph, attach it to the hard paper and add a quote describing the moment behind the photograph. Give the booklet to the bereaved family to show how much you love your dearest one.
  2. A self-painting. If you blessed with painting skill, put an effort on making one for the condolence symbol. Take one your favorite picture of your dearest one and turn it into a beautiful painting over the canvas.
  3. A condolence card. Not all the cards are for the happy occasion. You can make our own card with your handwriting and creativity to show the condolence. You can also pour out your feelings and show how much you will miss your dearest one.

I can’t deny that flowers are meaningful beside their beauty. However, giving funeral gift ideas instead of flowers won’t hurt anybody.  Let us know which one you choose out of the three suggestion above.

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