Coffee House In Bogor

The coffee house has been a very good trend recently. More people are like to drink coffee, in addition to taste, coffee can also be a lifestyle. Moreover, we know if Arabica coffee has a high price and has a prestige among coffee lovers. In the Bogor, there is Arabica coffee house that use dried methods to process their Arabica coffee, for them to buy facilities to cultivate in a wet way of need a lot of money. Therefore, they prefer to develop and improve the way they do dry methods on their coffee. They believe that if coffee made by handmade, then the taste will be more special, even the coffee made by small farmers.

Receiving Criticism To Improve Quality

They do not reject any criticism. They assume that any criticism will be able to build their Arabica coffee house in order to grow better. Coffee that has been physically broken they use to be a taste test material. If they already know the coffee is defective and know the steeping coffee that is physically disabled, then we get a chance how to produce the right coffee. As a coffee house, they do not want to know only when coffee is fresh, knowing bad coffee can always improve their coffee quality.

The depth of the flavor is legit as a manifestation of the sweet and savory characteristics of the harmonious can be born from family farming. The marker as a good Arabica appears when the dry aroma is quite fragrant similar to the aroma of grilled sugar and sweet and savory coriander. The combination of the two still sticks together with a refreshing bitterness such as the taste of black tea with a complementary element of cilembu yam that is burned and leaves the sensation of a sticky impression. The proximity of this sensory impression reinforces that Cibulao Arabica is a set of ecological eclectic narratives from the Ciliwung River. That’s the advantages of this Arabica coffee house.