Cleanse Your Toenails To Avoid Foot Odor

Keep every part of your body is the important one since you cannot let any dirt build longer in your body. In that situation, the dirt which has bacteria will develop into a serious health problem. That is why you cannot ignore this fact and have to keep every part of your body clean. The foot is one of the part of your body that usually covered more. However, you can avoid that there will be germ and dirt which come into your foot especially toenail. To avoid any health problem related to foot condition, you have to do some treatment. One of them is cleaning your nails frequently.

Steps To Keep Your Toenails Clean

Actually, it is so simple to keep your toenails clean which are:

  • Wash Your Feet Routinely

The first thing to do to keep your toenail clean is washing your feet routinely. You can wash your feet and toenails while taking a bath every day. You can wash your feet like you wash another part of your body by using water and soap. This treatment will keep your feet and toenails hygiene and prevent fungal infection as well as odor. After taking bath, make sure that you dry your feet completely by using a towel.


  • Soak and Scrub Your Feet

For the second thing to do is soaking and scrubbing your feet several times. You can do this treatment one to two times in a week. You can try to soak your feet in warm water in order to loosen some dirt on your feet and toenails. Moreover, it will also make your toenails become easier to clip by soaking in the warm water. After that, exfoliating the dead skin cells by using a nail brush and exfoliating scrub. Then, don’t forget to rinse your feet from the scrub and let it dry.