Changing Apps With APK Editor Pro

apk editor proChanging an application icon is one of the basic android modding stages you need to learn if you want to manipulate a program apps. If you can do it then you will know that in an android package or an Apk file. There are many files and characters displayed in the application when it runs, and of course, the files are very protected security, although you can still modify it in such a way as to understand the language code. One way to do so is by using APK Editor Pro.

How To Modify Icon By Using APK Editor Pro

Changing an icon and name of apps does not need to have the expertise of coding because now there are many tools that you can use without the help of PC devices though. One way is that by using APK Editor Pro directly on our android smartphone. To use these tools is quite easy and safe. First is open the apps and choose “Select an Apk File” to retrieve Apk from your android memory storage. Select one of the apps you want to edit and then select “Common Edit”. There you will see Icon, Name, Package Name, Installation location, and version of an application. If you just want to change the icon only then touch launcher icon then you will be escorted to internal storage, select one of the photos or images you want to make an icon. You can also change the name as you wish. If done, “Save” and wait for it to finish and the results of your will be saved in the folder “Apk Editor” in the internal memory.

So, that is how you can modify and change Icon and name of Android apps using APK Editor Pro. It is a first step and an easy way to do for exploring Apk file. All you need is to keep learning from this to further steps. You can change the application icon (Apk) with your own image, app name, and even you can change the entire contents in it as whatever you wish.