The Cause Of Infection In Infantigo

Skin diseases have a variety of types, where the skin disease is the cause of various also, usually, skin diseases are caused by fungi such as disease, ringworm, and ringworm. There are also skin diseases caused by bacteria or viruses as well as with Infantigo skin disease. This type of skin disease is caused by 2 bacteria that is Staphylococcus aureus and also bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes where two bacteria already exist in human, only that this skin disease caused by the infection which then causes the bacteria grow and develop and cause disease. The following is an explanation of the bacterial infection process that causes the source of the disease.

Several Ways Of Bacterial Infections In Infantigo

How infections are carried out by bacteria that result in the occurrence of Infantigo occurs in two ways. The several ways that cause the infection are as follows:

  1. Primary

Where in this primary way means bacteria invade normal and healthy skin that there will be no place for bacteria to enter the skin cells

  1. Secondary

Where here bacteria attack the skin because the skin is in the condition of being infected or is not okay, so the bacteria will enter and grow on the skin which then results in the existence of skin disease

These skin diseases also have different causes that occur in adults and those that occur in children. Where in adults is usually caused by the wounds that occur on the skin or some other conditions such as the occurrence of dermatitis and inflammation of the skin? While in children, this skin disease will usually have an infection after wounds, insect bites, and the presence of scratches. However, the disease in children is usually not caused by a real problem. Therefore Infantigo disease is more susceptible to child attacker compared with adults. Those are some of the things that are related to a fairly detailed skin disease which is the main cause of this disease is from bacteria.