It is estimated that the first blend of chairs and beds comes from Egypt. The earliest known models are made of wooden sticks tied with pieces of umbilical cord or raw leather. Later, the Egyptian bed maker introduced a weaving construction and wooden frame bed lined with ivory or ebony. Ancient Greeks describe gods and goddesses who sit back in this type of chair. The modern Greek word symposium comes from sympinein, which means “to drink together”. The main item of furniture for the symposium is klined, the form of the daybed. The Greeks changed from the normal habit of sitting at the table with the practice of lying on the couch since the 8th century BC. The Romans also used a daybed to lie down during the day and sleep at night. The Romans did not practice the upholstery, so the sofa was made comfortable with cushions, and animal skins. That’s a brief history of chaise lounge chair. Then what about the modern chaise lounge chair.

Modern Chaise Lounge Chair

Chaise lounge chair in ancient times and modern times have the same function, it is to provide comfort the people who wear them and give a more luxurious impression. In essence, the chair is designed to be used to relax and rest at night or during the day. The shape and frame of the chair, between the ancient era and the modern era, are also the same, the difference is from the material to the top as well as the material for making the frame of the chair. The material for making a modern chaise lounge chair is different from the ancient lounge chair.

The materials used to make the most of the modern chaise lounge chair is the fabric of yarn, some are of leather, but only a few. Each part is sewn or united using a thread or iron from its skeleton, no longer using materials derived from living things like the ancient one.

Many people might categorize rats as the very annoying and dangerous animal. Of course, you have to worry when you might find the rats in your house and you might look for how to get rid of rats. You will find that the rats will be a dangerous animal as it can bring some diseases. You might well get some important properties in your house are turning into rubbish, because of the rats bite those things. The diseases that can be caused by the rats will come in various ways. You also can find that the diseases are not only directly transmitted but it can indirectly transmit to the rats. The following paragraphs will help you to get more information about the diseases that indirectly transmitted to the rats.

Names Of Diseases That Indirectly Transmitted To Rats

To help you to get more motivation on looking for any tips on how to get rid of rats, you would be better to know about some names of diseases that can be caused by rats. The rats indirectly transmit the following diseases.

  • Plague

This disease becomes one of many diseases that is carried by rats. Usually, the fleas, especially in the process of the taking blood, transmit it. This disease usually comes from the domestic rats.

  • Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Beware of sand fly, as it perhaps the one that can transmit this disease.

  • Colorado Tick Fever

This is the name of another disease that can be transmitted indirectly from the rats in your home.

When you might be worried about those diseases to attack your body or your family, it would be nice to have the intention of making your house is free from the rats. You also can look for any best tips on how to get rid of rats and give protection for your family.

The curtain is one of the home appliances used as a tool to cover the windows so that not our activities are not visible from the outside. Its function aside as a window covering is also to keep the room in our house is not directly exposed to sunlight during the day and will reduce the heat and also sultry during the day. This window curtain has many types according to the material used for its production. The prices are varied and in general, the value of the curtain is cheap and also economical. Unless the material used in making the curtain is a good material and also has a high value. In addition to good materials used, also have high aesthetic patterns and values ​​if the curtains are curtains with an expensive price.

Consideration Of Choosing A Curtain Type Of Windows

Besides being used as a tool to protect the room from the heat of the sun or cold, the curtain can also be used as a tool to decorate our home. We should consider the selection of a good curtain and quality especially if it will be used as a room decorator. The room will be more beautiful if we pair the appropriate curtain and match the room of our house. Choose a motif that provides value creations and also high art, so that when paired to close window can also give a beautiful appearance in the room at your home.

When we will choose a curtain for windows, we must consider the quality of the material. Moreover, besides the quality is the kind of curtain to be used. Adjust the needs of which curtain in the room to be installed. For example, like a curtain for the room crib, the type of curtain used is baby blackout blinds that have a soft texture and also comfortable when the baby touched while playing. The selection of this type of curtain you can see in, various types of curtains available there, such as for curtain material that is suitable for use in the baby room window, the texture is smooth and soft and safe in protecting the baby from the influence of outside circle.

Killing bugs are somewhat difficult because it does not end after you use a poisonous product that you hope will wash away the bugs but you cannot do it. In this case, Diatomaceous Earth kills bed bugs because it has the use of the insecticide. Although people do not use Diatomaceous Earth as insecticide product, this product is a natural insecticide. It has the odor smell that will make the bugs does not come to your bed and to the other room that needs to be cleaned from the bugs.

Well-Function Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous Earth is the product that is made from the aquatic organism that is called diatoms. It became powder in white color. Because of high technology with and the use of this powder, it can make the product can be used to kill bed bugs. Of course, you can find this Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs product from insect pest control in the shape of powder, silica gel, spray, and any other substances. Then, when you use the product, the product is very effective because bed bugs in your home can be eliminated.

If you search it carefully, you may know that Diatomaceous Earth is the insecticide bug control that has the substance to absorb the liquid substance from the bugs and it makes the bugs is hydrating and makes the bugs are die in the cause of water pressure. Many effects are different for the other insects, so you must know the difference and know it will well the function Diatomaceous Earth is to kills bed bugs and the other insects. All is fine if you use this product that possible will help to solve your problem. See in the to see and to know this bug insecticide that helps you to clean the bugs in your home.

It can be denied that the popularity of seafood is increasing the time over time. This is because seafood has a delicious taste and high nutritional content. One of the alternative seafood that is also quite popular is mackerel. Because of the growing demand for mackerel, it is no wonder that more and more mackerel tuna factory established. Fresh Mackerel is processed in the factory to be made into canned mackerel. Mackerel cans are in demand in the market. This is due to the superiority possessed by the canned mackerel. However, do you know the process of the mackerel fish canning?

The Canning Process In Mackerel Tuna Factory

Mackerel is a marine fish living in a large group. Then you should not be surprised if you see the fishing boats that netted mackerel and get thousands of mackerel just one time. This is likely the fishermen have netted all members of the mackerel group. The fish are then stored in ice boxes to keep them fresh. Before being processed at the mackerel tuna factory, the mackerel fish are sorted first. Typically, fish are sorted by size. Only fish with certain sizes can be further processed at the factory. Fish that meet factory standards will be sent immediately, while those that do not meet the standards will be directly sold by local fishermen.

Arriving at the factory, usually the mackerel fish through re-sorting process. This is done by the fish processing factory to determine whether the fish are eligible for further processing or not. Then, after the fish are re-sorted, the next process is the cleaning step to keep the fish hygienic. Next is the advanced stage where the fish are processed in the mackerel tuna factory so that the fish is ready to be packed. Then the last is the packaging stage. Packaging is done by canning method to keep product quality maintained.

Mackerel fish is one of the fatty oily fish, and it is very healthy for our body. Mackerel isn’t only healthy, but this fish is also very cheap and affordable, compared to other fatty sea fish like tuna and salmon. Mackerel is delicious, have delicate meat, juicy, and very versatile to make many sea dishes, no wonder the demand for mackerel keep growing, and mackerel suppliers business is booming. The demand for mackerel fish are keep growing, and now, each year, there are more than hundreds tons of mackerel harvested and fished from the ocean, the entire ocean. To avoid overhunting, now we can farm mackerel fish, and grow them to be harvested. This way, we can prevent overhunting of mackerel in the sea, and prevent them from extinction, and also increase the supply of mackerel. Well, fresh and frozen mackerel manufacturers and suppliers are very good business since the supply is plentiful and easy to get, and the demand is always growing.

Now, Where We Can Find Fresh And Frozen Mackerel Suppliers?

Oily fish suppliers are one of good business, very profitable, and if you are in luck, the profit can reach for more than a hundred dollars. The mackerel fish, tuna fish, salmon fish, and lot other fish are always on demand on the market, and the demand for them is growing, thanks to the growth of restaurant, and seafood dinner. Frozen and fresh mackerel suppliers are not the only one who can enjoy the growing demand for oily fish, but the canary is also getting over demand for it. If you want to find good and trusty mackerel fish suppliers, then you can go fishing market, or you can search it online.

Now, everything can be done through internet. Even ordering fresh mackerel or searching for partnership on fresh fish supplies. Now, you can find trusted and fresh mackerel suppliers here on our website, and we guarantee that our mackerel is the freshest one from the sea.

Are you looking for any tourism place that will give you pure nature scenery? If you are looking for that kind of destination, Waigeo Island of West Papua is the right destination for you. This place will offer you many interesting points of Papua that you will never regret. This great and pure place should be your choice for the next destination of your next holiday.

West Papua; Waigeo Island For Bird Watching

Waigeo Island is one of the best tourism destinations in West Papua province. This place has the high point of interest that will make many people feel comfortable when they come to this place. When you might have a hobby to go to beaches, you have to come to Waigeo and see the beaches there. Like the other beaches in Papua, the beaches there are still very pure and you will regret it when you do not visit this place when you come to Papua. Once you come to this place, you can feel the natural breeze that will make you relax and forget all the problems that you have in your real life. This place is a very recommended place to visit in your holiday.

Besides exploring the beaches and the sceneries around there, you also can have a unique experience in this place. In one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat archipelago, you can experience the bird watching activities there. It becomes the bird-of-paradise tourism site since in this place you can see many beautiful birds in their natural habitat. You will love to stay in this place for a while and spending your holiday there. For your information, this place is not the only one of Papua, but still gives you a high-quality place to visit. You can find more information about tourism in Papua from

When showing up in a special occasion, you sure would wear your best dress and makeup. But let’s don’t forget about the tiny pieces of accessories that would help you to look more elegant and exquisite. The accessories could be your diamond earrings, bracelet with pretty charm, or your simple yet beautiful necklace. All those stuff are one of the most important things, mostly for girls (even though men could also have them), but storing them can be a little bit tricky. That is the reason why the jewelry boxes are created. Let’s try to make a DIY jewelry box!

Dark Inspired DIY Jewelry Box

Jewelry box comes in numerous shape, material, and style. You can put your creativity and ideas into making one. Since the jewelry box is now not a mere storage but it is also a part of fashion, you can make the DIY jewelry box that matches your taste! This article is especially aimed at those who love anything dark! Here are the ideas:

  • Simple black box

Black is intriguing and expensive. Simple doesn’t always have to be boring, yet it can be elegant. The combination of the color black and simplicity are the best.  Despite the simple design and style, this box looks luxurious. This design doesn’t need the dividers or the dancing ballerina.

  • Black small drawers

If you are not satisfied with the simple design, you can try the black-colored small drawers instead. Normally, the small drawers comprise of fours drawers, but you can design it as you please and put all of your collection inside it.

Instead of letting all of your jewelry in every corner of your room, why not trying to be well managed and neat? Being well-managed has a lot of advantages including making your stuff looks adorable and easy to find. Let us know if you are inspired by one of the two ideas of DIY jewelry box ideas above!

Do you like a sardine? It is a highly recommended oceanic food since it has a lower possibility of mercury among other types of fishes. With the affordable yet high nutrient one, sardines can be found easily everywhere. You can find the frozen and canned in the supermarket. Meanwhile, you can also find the fresh sardines from suppliers like Indonesia sardines fish suppliers. Moreover, there are also a lot of ways to eat sardines. You can fry, broil, grill, and even bake sardines well. With all methods of cooking, the nutrient of sardines will not be faded away. If you buy the fresh sardines, so you can try clean and fillet it first.

How To Clean And Fillet Fresh Sardines From Indonesia Sardines Fish Suppliers

Before cook the sardines from Indonesia sardines fish suppliers, you have to clean it and even fillet tit well. Don’t forget to buy sardines that have healthy look with silver sparkle, iridescent sheen, and bright eyes. To clean it, you can start to cut the tail by using a knife. Then, scrape the skin of sardine gently from head to bottom part. After that, rinse the sardines in cold water then remove some remaining scales as well.

Then, open the belly sardines from the tail and its body meet. Scrape and discard them out directly by using your hand. Don’t forget to rinse the belly cavity of sardines in clean water then dry it with a paper towel. Next, you can try to remove its head from the body by holding it with your forefinger and thumb. Pull it backward and spine it. For the last, you have to make the sardines in flat by flatting its skin inside down. From the head, you can try to grab its backbone then pull it off. Then, sardines from Indonesia sardines fish suppliers are ready to cook.

This day, if you want to eat something with many benefits health for you, you just have to make sure that you know what kind of foods which contain more benefit health for our body. There are many studies have proved of some foods which contain more vitamins and minerals which are good for our health. One of the good foods is a Tuna. Tuna is one of the family fishes which give us more benefits for our body as long as we consume it with an ideal portion, not too much. There are many kinds of Tuna families which contain more beneficial things for our body like Yellowfin Tuna.

Eat The Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna is one of the best Tuna fish you can eat if you want to require your vitamin needs daily. If you eat this fish, you can get more benefits for our health because you can get more than you know it. You should not feel so worried whether it is safe from consuming this fish because there are many studies proved that this fish is absolutely health as long as we don’t consume it over. You also should know that the fish which is usually used for the sashimi, the Japanese food.

As we know, Japanese food always serves the healthy food one which can make our body stay healthy as what sashimi does. What are you waiting for to taste this fish and see how healthy you are after you consume this fish every day? You also will get this kind of fish easily because there are many trusted websites which offer you this fish for you to consume it. You just have to choose the best one which many consumers like our website which you can trust to buy this Tuna.