As a woman who is pregnant young, then you must maintain a healthy body so that the fetus in your womb can grow and develop properly. Although in the early days of pregnancy the body will feel uncomfortable but do not let it makes you lazy to eat. This is because the food you consume will be the main food source for your baby in your stomach. Therefore, women who are pregnant should consume various types of foods that contain many of the best nutrients for fetal growth. Then, what are good healthy foods for young pregnant women? Let’s see the answer!

List of Nutritious Foods for Pregnant Young Mothers, In Order for Fetus, Stay Healthy and Strong

  1. Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits that contain lots of vitamin C must be consumed by women who are pregnant young. This is because vitamin C can boost immunity and help fight infection. In addition, the iron content contained in fruits and vegetables can also increase hemoglobin to the body’s cells so as to increase energy.

  1. Fish

Fish is a type of food that contains lots of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Nutrition is very well consumed by pregnant women because it can help the formation of a fetal brain so that babies born could have a smart brain.

  1. Milk

Milk that contains lots of protein and minerals will help the fetus to grow and develop properly. Therefore, milk becomes a compulsory drink that should be consumed by pregnant women.

  1. Peanuts

Types of nuts such as green beans contain lots of B vitamins and folic acid. The content is used to provide energy and keep your immune pregnant woman. Jam, various types of nuts can also be needed to develop a nervous system in infants.

If young pregnant women diligently consume various types of food, the fetus in its womb will certainly grow up healthy and well-born. Maintaining a diet during pregnancy is very important to do. Therefore, do not forget to consume various types of healthy foods so that the fetus can grow well and healthy when born into the world.

Aloe Vera was a multipurpose plant. You can use the gel into treat many things such as skin, hair, and other medical conditions. Today we will give you our tips to use Aloe Vera on gel to treat medical conditions.

Treating Medical Conditions With Aloe Vera

  1. Treat constipation

Aloe Vera was great to treat alleviate constipation. You need to drink aloe juice. The juice has great laxative benefit to your body. How to make aloe juice? You need to mix 2 tsp of pure Aloe Vera on gel with 2 glass of water of your favorite juice. You can drink aloe juice twice a day.

  1. Treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

For your information, aloe Vera can also treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). There is a recent research that shows the patient feel relief after drinking aloe juice every day. Aloe Vera contains laxative properties. However, there is a limit to consume aloe Vera daily. So, you can’t consume aloe Vera juice multiple times in a day. The maximum number is twice a day.

  1. Lower blood sugar

For someone who suffers from diabetes, you can lower your blood sugar level by consuming aloe juice. But you need to talk to your doctor first if you want to consume aloe juice. However, the common safe consumption of aloe juice is once a day. You can make your own aloe juice by mixing one tsp of pure Aloe Vera on gel with water or juice. There is a medicine which can lower your blood sugar level, if you already take them, you can’t drink this juice.

  1. Treat asthma symptoms

For someone who has asthma, you can boil water and mix Aloe Vera on gel to treat your asthma symptoms. What to do with the boiling water? After you mix boil water with Aloe Vera on gel, you need to stand to close the boiling aloe water. Soon you can breathe normally.

A headache is become one of the common diseases occur in people. There are many types of headaches as well. You will so confuse to see there are many headaches types you do not know in this world. That is why there is a lot of headache treatment as well. Then, what you usually for your headache? There is different treatment for a different headache as well, you know. Try to know several of them here.

Common Treatments For Common Headaches

I will tell you only several treatments for several common headaches here because there are too many kinds of headaches that surely have different treatment as well. Ok, here is the headache treatment information for you:

  1. For a Tension-type headache: you can do the common thing you usually do like aspirin, Ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. It is easy just like other people do but you should still know that a headache is really a tension-type headache.
  2. Migraines: for this headache, you will need to rest in the dark and quiet room, hot or the cold compresses to your neck and or head, massage and a small amount of caffeine, ibuprofen, aspirin or other prescription medication.
  3. Chronic daily headache: tricyclic antidepressant for helping you every day. Ok, maybe if you have this kind of a headache; you better come to see a doctor and ask help as soon as possible. You surely feel like a headache is annoying so much and maybe it is dangerous.

Ok, for most cases of migraines; you will need more than those treatments; however, those treatments are helpful enough if your migraine is not so bad. The most common headache maybe only need the aspirin or ibuprofen but you should not take it if you are not sure the type of your headache well. Click headache treatment for more information. Thus, that is all. I wish any type of your headache will be over soon and you will get well an again.

Essential oils are oils which extracted from leaves, flower, fruit, root, nut of a plant or tree directly. You can use just one drop and it can provide the best benefit for your health. Essential oils are used since thousands of years ago. Check out each benefit from each essential oil below.

Best Benefit Of Essential Oils

Essential oils can ease stress. This is probably the most popular benefit of essential oil that everybody knows. Indeed, essential oils are very helpful to ease stress. They will increase your relaxation and calmness. It is because our smell receptors will be connected to the limbic system of the brain when you apply essential oils. This system is an area which responsible for memory, emotions, and sexual arousal. If you want to relieve your stress by using essential oils, there are five oils that you can use to relieve your stress effectively. The first one is lavender oil which has sweetly, earthly, and calming floral scent and it is loved widely for its relaxing and calming effect on both your body and mind. The second one is rose oil which is a popular essential oil to relieve stress, grief, and depression.

The third one is frankincense oil which is used to promote calmness and relaxation with its exotic aroma and comfortingly warm. The fourth one is chamomile oil particularly the Roman variety which can decrease the cause of stress like mental anxiety and this essential oil is also great to help paranoia as well as relieve the feeling of anger. The last essential oil is vanilla oils which are very popular for its therapeutic quality. There are many people who love the smell of vanilla since it is very comforting. Some experts believe that vanilla oil is like the smell of fragrance and mother’s milk. Therefore, vanilla oil can promote mental clarity.

Immunity takes an important role in your life. Without any immune, your energy will be nothing. In a day, you need to boost your immunity by consuming healthier food and doing more activities. Actually, there is only one key to boost your immunity which is a healthy life. It means that you have to make healthy foods that balance with your activities in a day. Then, you have also found more ways to get boost your immunity.

Interesting Ways To Boost Your Immunity

There are so many ways to keep your body healthy. However, it seems boring if you only do your common activities. So, you need to get more interesting things to do. You can spare your time once in a week to boost your immunity. For you who seek for interesting, fun, and unique things to do to gain the best immunity, here is the best recommendation for you:

  • Playing Drum

Playing instrument seems simple thing and usual to do. In fact, playing different instruments are good for your health. It will be a perfect one if you like to play the drum. In some studies, found that drummers tend to have a higher immune system. It happens since they usually listen to “bang bang” sounds from the drum which increases more immunity. If you did not have a drum set at home, so you can try to get rhythms from other instruments or even kitchen pot or pans in your kitchen.


  • Runaway into the Woods

Have you ever heard about forest therapy? This kind of therapy is the best way to boost your immunity. In the forest, you can take a walk while taking more fresh air. It will also help you to reduce stress. In some studies, even recommend that you have to spend at least six hours for hiking in the forest.

Sleeping is the most refreshing one. As long as you have enough time to sleep which is the high-quality one, you will feel better in the morning. However, some people still forget about how to sleep and wake up properly. In a busy time, they even never think about how to wake up properly. They will only think how they can reach the office on time. In that situation, it even makes the condition getting worst. You cannot directly wake up from the bed. You need to wait for several minutes on the bed after waking up to neutralize your boy first.

How To Get Better Sleep

Your next day starts from tonight. If you did not have enough sleep, so your energy and stamina will be lower. In that situation, your activities can be distracted. To avoid this situation, you need to have a better quality of sleep. To get better sleep, you need to avoid direct light in some hours before sleep. If you need to sleep at 10 o’clock, so it means that you have to stay away from your gadget and computer at least from 9 o’clock.  It will let you sleep easily.

How To Get Better Feeling In The Next Morning

Although you did proper way before going bed, it will be nothing if you do wrong way in waking up. After sleep, it is better to not to jump out of your bed since it will make your body shock. Your body also needs adaptation, so you can start with opening your eyes. Then, get a sense and do light stretching. After 2 minutes, you can slowly get up from your bed. You can do some stretching again out of bed, then you can do the next activities. Don’t forget to take a glass of water.

Mother and daughters preparing food

Hello, mother. Here, I will share with you the several easy ways of how to increase breast milk. I know, sometimes it is hard to increase the breast milk while your baby needs it so much. However, you should not worry about that. The tips or maybe the best ways here will tell you what to do. If you are the mother want to be; you should learn the ways as well.

How To Increase Your Breast Milk Easily?

It is very sad if you cannot give the baby the best milk every day. There is a time when you cannot do breastfeeding just because it is difficult to do. Do not worry, mother; you can still try to increase the breast milk in these ways:

  1. The first way of how to increase breast milk is by nursing more often. If you think it is hard to do; you just need to pump your breast. It will be better if you do the nursing every two hours. However, you should see what you eat, sleep well, drink more water and do not work too much.
  2. You should switch sides of feeding. It is also very good in increasing the breast milk. It will be better if you do it on a day with both sides.
  3. You should use the breastfeeding supplies. The supplies such as pumping breast milk; Milkie’s milk saver and so on. It will help you to save the milk and let the whole drop of milk for your baby.

So, before you deliver the baby; you should prepare the whole breastfeeding supplies and other supplies for the baby. You should watch your health for the quality of your breast milk as well. Ok, that is it. Click how to increase breast milk for more information about breastfeeding. Hope you enjoy to give your love trough breastfeeding. That is all.

What are the best products for your life and health? Well, it is based on your needs but the best substances for any products for your health, care and others should be natural. Anything natural and herbs are better than the chemical products. So, do you want to know what products that should be natural and herbs? Ok, if you want to change your daily products to be healthier and natural; read the info as follow.

Tips For Healthy And Natural Products For Your Daily Needs

There are so many products now and most of them are chemical or not so natural. Even though the quality is good but you should not use the chemical based products too much. Especially, for the skincare or for your foods and drinks. Ok, you may read the several tips for natural products as follow:

  1. You should use natural products for your skincare and makeup. Ok, maybe for makeup will be hard to find the natural ones. At least, you should use the makeup products without cruelty and free from dangerous ingredients.
  2. You should use natural products for home remedies and home needs. Maybe the DIY home remedies can be the good choices for it. There are many natural and earth-friendly products for soap and detergent. You just need to pick the best ones.
  3. For foods; maybe you start to use more natural and homemade foods. If you love to use ketchup or sauce; you should make them in your own kitchen or find the homemade ones.

There are many things you should not forget about natural products. They not only will make you healthy but also will make you love your body more. If you love to use natural products; it means you love your body and healthy better than before. So, that is it. You can start to find natural products for your needs now.

The amount of starchy carbohydrates should only be one third of the total food you have in a day. Good source of starch includes cereals, pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes. Stick with wholegrain or have the potatoes with their skin intact. These varieties contain more dietary fiber and foods high in fiber could make you full longer. Always include vegetables and fruit in your daily meals. Have at least five portions of them to meet your daily requirement. Increase the intake of fish products on your daily meals, including even that of oily variety. Oily fish is rich in omega-3, the substance that may help you combat cardiovascular diseases.

eating as good as possible for better health

Pay attention to saturated fat and sugar. Cut down on the following: pies, lard, butter, cream, sausages, biscuits, cakes, and hard cheese. Sugar is present in high amount within these items: pastries, biscuits, cakes, sugary cereals, alcoholic beverages, and fizzy drinks. You can get more help by adhering to food labels. Anything containing 100g or more sugar is bad. Pay attention to salt also. Your blood pressure is at risk if you consume too much salt. Again, food labels could come in handy to help you maintain salt intake.

Try to get as active as you can. This has everything to do with your body weight. Sedentary lifestyle will lead to obesity so exercise more. Don’t let your body dehydrated. You might have heard that you are required to drink anywhere between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day. However, don’t forget that the meals you have may contain water too. Still, water has no fat and zero calories. Alcoholic beverages, however, does not count. Lastly, do not ever skip breakfast. It is easy to think that skipping breakfast can lead to weight loss. But the effect is the opposite in practice.

Eating time is the time that is waited by most people. They will wait for the time to eat and chill. Most of them will love the time of lunch where they can rest and talk with friends near the office. However, do you know the right time to eat? There are rules to eat and the right time to do it. Do you know it? You may see the information here. Check it out.

The Right Time To Eat Recommendation

There are about three times of eating a day. It is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The time is in the morning, afternoon and evening. Ok, it is clear but there are more specific times you should know about it. Here is the information for you:

  1. It is better if you have breakfast at 7-8 am. It is the ideal time to eat your breakfast. Then, you better do not have it after 10. You may have breakfast with the healthiest menu but not after ten am. So, wake up early and have your breakfast after working out.
  2. It is better for you to have lunch at 12.30-2 pm. It is the ideal time to have lunch. So, if you have the break time for lunch that time, you are lucky.
  3. The ideal time for have dinner alone or with your beloved people is about 6 until 9 pm. It is ideal and if you are on diet; you better see this warning. It should be three hours before you sleep.

Well, those are only the ideal time to eat if you want to be healthy. However, whenever you are hungry; you may eat anything you need but do not forget your health and body conditions. So, that is it. There are so many rules for eating; you may see them all in different sources.