The Bonzi Buddy Functions

Do you know about the software named Bonzi Buddy? Well, it is like an assistant for you to use the computer and exploring the internet. You will find it very helpful and amusing. Why is it also amusing? You know, it has mascot the purple gorilla named Bonzi. It is funny and even can sing songs for you. You will love it when you feel sad. So, if you need to know the functions of this software; you should continue to read this.

What Are The Functions Of Bonzi Buddy For You?

Even it is discontinued; you can still find out about this software. You know, it also can be known as spyware; maybe it is one of the reasons why it is discontinued in 2004, even the official website has disappeared in 2008. However, the actual purposes and the functions of this Bonzi Buddy are:

  1. It will manage downloads. It surely will help you in this case. It will manage any downloads you need from the internet.
  2. It will give you many jokes and facts. It is fun to have this software because it will give you the interesting facts and jokes that will amuse you.
  3. It also will tell you the recent news. You will always be up to date with any new information about you. So, it is very useful.
  4. It will help you to explore anything you need from the internet. You can get help from this software to manage the internet explorer.
  5. It can sing for you as well. Do you love someone sing a song for you? Well, this buddy will do it for you if you need it.

Well, it is fun to know the software can amuse you that much, right? Click for more info about the software if you love it. Even though it is discontinued; maybe you will be able to download the software for free. You may find the info over there.

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