Best Marvel Comics Titles

One day you want to read a comic, and then you type “free marvel comics download”, the search engine will give you many results. This will lead you to close the browser since there are many comics to choose. Therefore, in this post, we will give some of the best Marvel Comics titles. As we know that Marvel often gives us the crossover event in their universe, our recommendations are also crossover episodes.

Free Marvel Comics Download

The free Marvel Comics download are the links to the best crossover events in Marvel universe. The events are:

  1. Secret Invasion

The Secret Invasion tells a story about the New Avengers that launched with a mysterious thing from their villains. There is someone behind many dark events in this episode. Later we know that the one behind the dark ages in Marvel universe is the Skrulls. It is a shapeshifting race that conquers the planet Earth. This race has been planning an Earth invasion and they try to take over the world. In this episode, Iron Man is the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D., when this event happened, he loses his position. Norman Osborn is the one that replaces him. This led other heroes to create their own secret team and also secret invasion to take down the Skrull.


  1. Acts of Vengeance

In the early days of Marvel universe, the publishers want to create more mysterious plot for the comics. So, they create the Acts of Vengeance episode. As the name suggests, the episode focus on the villain in Marvel universe. This crossover doesn’t really have a main story that we can find in other comics. The concept is about the villains in this comic make a team and they try to attack the heroes in Marvel universe. If you want to read more about this episode, you need the link to free Marvel Comics download.