Benefits of A Sliced of Lemon

Health lifeIf you think that there is nothing beneficial about putting a slice of lemon around your bed, you must learn this following article to make it into account. As we know, lemon is a fruit which is full of vitamin C. Then, it also offers other benefits such as Vitamin B1, antioxidant, calcium and more. We cannot deny that this fruit is highly important for our health. However, have you ever thought to put a sliced of lemon around your bedroom? Well, you may not.

The Benefits to Put Sliced of Lemon in Your Bedroom

Actually, there are some benefits that you can look forward to when you put a sliced of lemon around your bed. One of the benefits is to calm down your nerve. In this case, it will help you to reduce anxiety and also help you to reduce the intense after being tired of doing many activities in the day. Thanks to the aromatherapy property that lemon has, it is able to become anti-depressant for our body. It is able to help us to release stress from our body and mind. In this case, it is also said that it can improve endorphin hormone which makes us feel happy.

Moreover, it is also reported that smelling lemon aroma is able to make our feeling more focus. That’s why it is a good idea to put a sliced of lemon around our bedroom. It is possible for us to increase our memory because the lemon aroma is able to stimulate our body to fix our cognitive system. Another benefit of the lemon aroma is to make our respiratory at ease. When you get flu, you may feel like you cannot breathe properly. In this case, you can use lemon to make you feel at ease by putting a sliced of this fruit around your bedroom.