Avoiding Point Click Care Phishing

If you have Point Click Care Login account, you must be careful of web phishing that tries to get your account. Phishing is a fraudulent way to get certain account information details through unauthorized means, such as through mock websites or pop-ups that resemble the company’s official website. To be able to overcome phishing, you need to be more vigilant and careful when you are doing various activities on the internet. Your online account addresses should be known in detail. There are two main platforms that are often used by hackers in running phishing actions, which are email and website.

How To Avoid Phishing

The increasing number of phishing cases that occurred quite alarming Internet users. If you are less alert, it is not impossible you become the next victim. So here are the tips that you can apply easily to avoid phishing Point Click Care Login account.

  1. Secure your browser – Start from the security settings in your browser.
  2. Install the browser’s security extension. Extensions like the Netcraft Extension serve to identify malicious websites. That is very helpful.
  3. Be wary of emails that point you to fake websites and request login accounts. Check and check the sender’s email, make sure the sender’s emails match the official email.
  4. Be wary of pop-ups when you are accessing certain pages. Especially if the pop-up request login access or personal information such as tokens, credit card numbers, and others.
  5. Make sure you know and access the original website of your account. In the address bar of the official website, there is usually a key icon and a valid SSL Certificate description. Official websites typically use SSL security features. This SSL security service is required for website authentication and transaction security, as well as increasing user trust. For example, you can see in the picture below.

If you need some information to avoid your point click care account being hacked by phishing, please go to pointclickcare-login.com.