Asus Zenfone News For Zenfone AR

Asus Zenfone BlogZenfone AR is going to be new attention in the gadget market. As Asus Zenfone News has informed, it will be launched in the middle of the year, and Taiwan is going to be the first place to announce this sophisticated cell phone. Plenty of Asus Zenfone fans are waiting for this excellent engine that will bring 8 gigabytes RAM. Many sources claimed that Asus Zenfone will make this one is the most expensive smartphone that they have ever made so far. As the second smartphone that will get Tango as its special feature, and it is going to compete Lenovo, which is the first brand to use the Tango feature. For your information, Tango is a special feature for a smartphone to find a high accuracy location without using GPS.

Asus Zenfone News: The AR Is Going To Be In Your Hand

The high-end Asus smartphone, which has 8 gigabytes RAM, will come up with super AMOLED screen that is considered as the current best screen. You will be pleased with the screen that will not hurt your eyes. As its name, this gadget will possess Google Daydream, an incredible Augmented Reality feature that Google has made. With that feature, the AR technology will be more real than common smartphones, and it will be suitable for you that adore playing AR game. Furthermore, Asus Zenfone News has claimed that the processor that is going to be 821 snapdragons. It is a marvelous processor that will turn up your phone into a computer.

For the camera, Zenfone AR will own 23 megapixels camera that will be helped with Tritech autofocus. If you try it to capture a close-up picture, the quality will be very close to a DSLR camera. Then, its front camera will be 8 megapixels as it is good enough to take a selfie. If you want to get more updates about Zenfone AR and other upcoming phones, you could see on Asus Zenfone News.

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