Animal Breed: Most Popular Cat Breeds

animals names listIt is not something new anymore that pets are needed especially for those who want to get a friend at home. Many types of research have proven that having a pet will make the owner healthier. Then if you are still confused to choose the pet, cats are a good choice. With various animal breed nowadays, you, choose the cat breed depending on your favorite and need. You also can choose the cats from its popularity. After that what are the most popular cat breeds in this recent day? Find out the information in the following passage.

Animal Breed: The Most Popular Cat Breeds

Talking about the animal breed, you will find that there are many cat breeds starting from the smallest to the biggest one. For those who have not decided the cats, here is the popular cat’s breed which people like the most. For the first one is Abyssinian that is so fluffy and you can play with them all day long. Otherwise, you also can choose American Shorthair which is so popular in America. As its name, this breed is originated from America having shorter hair or coat. You are able to choose this breed if you need a pet with a medium size cat.

For the next most-wanted cat breed to be adopted are Birman and Maine Coon. Of course, those two have certain lovely characteristic so many people tend to choose them as pets. If you want a unique one, Sphynx is very nice since they have no hair. On the contrary, Persian is popular as well with its long hair and short nose. Last, there are many another animal breed you can pick like Oriental, Ragdoll, and Siamese. As the popular cats, of course, they have a high price and special treatment so you should be ready for it when you want to keep them.

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