6 Smart Tips For Perfect Hair

Health lifePeople with nice hair will always look stunning” that is what I tell myself every day and this one quote I got from a book “the day you put off washing your hair is the day when you’re going to bump into someone you fancy”. Because if there is no motivational quote to wash my hair, I would just let my hair getting sloppy. LMAO. But now, I get older and more concerned about my hair. Below are the few tips I do to keep my hair healthy and shiny. Check this out!

Look Stunning With Perfect Hair!

I like long hair in a woman but mine is the type that gets brittle as it grows longer and longer. That’s why I frequently cut my hair once in two months. Here are tips to have Disney Princesses hair for you to look prettier in front of your crush!

  1. Use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner products. The same brand uses the same formula so it’s better than using a different brand.
  2. Oil the scalp. This is one of the factors to have a healthy hair. Do this frequently and see the result.
  3. Hair Mask. There are lots, literally lots of hair masks out there because almost every brand of hair products has the hair mask to complete your hair care ritual. Choose one that goes best with your hair type.
  4. Cold water works well for your hair. Haven’t found it out before, right? But, cold doesn’t mean super cold or freezing water.
  5. Treat your hair with clarifying shampoo at least once a month to eliminate the problem caused by hair products you use.
  6. Lastly, I recommend you to use hair vitamins when your hair half wet after washing it.

Remember that your hair is your crown. Really do take care of it for your best look!

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