4 Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Health tipsNo, we are not going to talk about the mythical fire-breathing dragon. Yes, this one is about the dragon but in a fruit form. Nice to hear that? Dragon fruits are well grown and flourished in tropical and subtropical regions such as Asia and South America. The name of dragon fruit technically because of its outer skin which is cactus-like, resembling so much with the real mythical dragon. The dragon fruit’s reddish-pink and vibrant green hues is a sign of many nutrients contained inside of it, while the flesh is fresh white with tiny black seed spots.

Keep Your Body Healthy

The dragon fruit is considered as one of the super fruits out there since it is the source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, and vitamin C, and also minerals including phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Each one of the dragon fruits contains approximately 60 calories. The benefits of red and cactus-skinned fruit are listed below:

  • Fiber-rich

If you want to clean up the digestive system, try to consume dragon fruits. They contain a high fiber which helps to assist with poor constipation and digestion. Their flesh and seeds keep your body satisfied and fortified since the good protein is contained inside it.

  • Natural anti-aging

Dragon fruits are the source of antioxidants which keep your skin young and tight. Moreover, you can make a face mask made out of dragon fruits mixed with honey.

  • Keep your heart healthy

This fruit is gifted with a magic power to help to decrease bad cholesterol levels.  The dragon fruit also rich in monounsaturated fats that support your heart to stay in a good condition.

  • Fight with diabetes

Diabetes can be helped by the excellent amount of fiber that contained in a dragon fruit. It is able to stabilize blood sugar level.

The dragon fruits are easy to be found if you live in a tropic and subtropics region. Besides, they have an amazing taste that you’d like.