March 2018

Krogerfeedback is an online platform survey for the whole supermarkets and stores in the US. Everybody who is required can participate in this event. Moreover, there is some big chance of winning prizes. Mostly, you will get fuel points. What is it? This kind of points can be collected as much as you can, then you can fill your vehicle with free fuel by changing it with your points. The steps are easy, one of them is you have to be the participant and fill out the whole survey served. That is why the participants must have experienced shopping in various supermarkets and stores in the US.

Who Can Participate In Krogerfeedback?

It is not difficult to join in Krogerfeedback, but there is still some requirement that makes this survey to be more valid. Here the main requirement to participate in Kroger feedback:

  • Minimum 18 years’ old
  • American citizens in States (Except for Florida, Rhode Island, and New York)
  • Not an employee of Kroger Company
  • No any affiliation with the Kroger Corporation
  • No family’s member related who will join in Kroger company in near future
  • It is free event, so you do not need to purchase certain products
  • Have to fill the whole receipt only at Kroger feedback

What Are Steps To Do To Get The Fuel Points?

If you are required to this event, so you can apply as a participant. Here is simple step to be a participant:

  1. Make sure that your devices have been connected to internet connection (It can be opened through computer or mobile devices)
  2. Visit the Kroger feedback website and fill out the required data, such as time, date, and ID
  3. Click the start button, then you will start your survey about certain supermarket
  4. Provide your Loyalty card or alternate ID to get the fuel points as well.

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