October 2017

Review Technology

One problem of a human being today is about the food. From the first time a human is created, one main problem that makes people do the crime is about the food. Without food human just cannot survive, and that is why it becomes essential to get food supply as reliable as possible. In this […]

Health care

As a type of disease which is able to come to everyone, we may experience diarrhea at least once in a life. Bloating, watery, frequent stools and abdominal cramping are some of the usual symptoms that show this health problem. This condition is frequently linked in the way of our body to deal with disruption […]

Antimalware Service Executable

There are some problematic issues when it comes to Windows PC. Windows PCs are indeed versatile, but they are really annoying when it comes to program misbehavior. It is very common to find program that hogs your memory, and that includes a great program called antimalware service executable. This program actually has important function. It […]


If you are browsing through your Google Chrome, and then suddenly the error happened, you can’t connect to the internet, and the error message is “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”, that means your DNS settings on your Google chrome is changed and you need to fix it in order to use your Google chrome normally again. This problem will […]